Newmarket Champion in Customer Care Stakes

Newmarket is a WorldHost Committed and Recognised Destination - the must-have badge for customer service.


‘Congratulations to Andy and the brilliant team at our Newmarket store. They, with nineteen other Newmarket-based businesses, have achieved WorldHost standards, while more than 230 staff have completed WorldHost training. The training was delivered by West Suffolk College and the scheme fits in with the Newmarket Vision project to boost both retail and tourism in the town.

Cllr David Bowman, Forest Heath District Council Cabinet member for Economic Development and Tourism, said: “Customer care is the key to success for any business. Treat your customers badly and they won’t come back. Make a good impression and they will not only return, but they will tell their friends as well. I am delighted that Newmarket is now recognised as the best town in the country in terms of customer care. It will go a long way to boost trade and tourism in the town.”

The WorldHost bid was backed by Forest Heath District Council, Suffolk County Council, and locality money from Suffolk County Council.

Cllr Lisa Chambers, Suffolk County Council’s deputy leader and local member, said: “Newmarket has set the benchmark for all towns, not just in Suffolk but across the whole of the country, to follow. It is a huge coup and will bring further prosperity to the town centre. I congratulate all of the retailers and other businesses that have helped us to this wonderful achievement.”

Di Robertshaw, chairman of the Newmarket Retailers’ Association said: “This is a fantastic achievement for the town. Newmarket is the champion for customer care.”

The WorldHost programme is run nationally by People 1st, the workforce development charity for the UK’s visitor economy industries.

Sharon Glancy, executive director at People 1st, said: “Customer service is a major challenge for businesses across the UK – in fact, 88% of tourism businesses say that it’s the most important skill they’ll need in the next five years. That’s why People 1st brought the WorldHost programmes to the UK and it’s fantastic to see Newmarket employers leading by example and working together to go the extra mile for their customers.

“For Newmarket to become the first town in the UK to achieve WorldHost Recognised Destination status is a great achievement. It shows that Newmarket is first past the post in the customer care stakes – congratulations to everyone involved.”

We’re exceptionally proud of the team at our Newmarket store; we’ve always know they were great but it’s fantastic that they’ve been recognised for their part in this great accolade for the town. Don’t just take our word for it, though: take a trip to the beautiful town of Newmarket and experience the best in customer care for yourself!’

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